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ANSAHMAN Artificial Pampas Grass Large - 3 Stems Faux Pampas Grass Decor 43" (3.60 ft. | 110 cm) Fluffy Pampas Grass for Boho Wedding Decor (White Color)

ANSAHMAN Artificial Pampas Grass Large - 3 Stems Faux Pampas Grass Decor 43" (3.60 ft. | 110 cm) Fluffy Pampas Grass for Boho Wedding Decor (White Color)

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  • 3 DAY SALE ONLY - Package Include- Each piece is quality inspected and packaged carefully you will receive 3 stems faux pampas grass tall decor 43" (3.60 ft. | 110 cm). We suggest you try this Long lasting quality product.
  • Artificial Pampas Grass- Handmade with High-Quality white color pampas grass with large pampas stems are highly attractive. Perfect decoration for weddings, parties, homes, offices that provide the feeling of modern decoration.
  • Perfect Decoration- Full, natural looking plumes give any room an elegant & luxurious feel. Perfect pampas floral For Weddings, Parties, Homes, Offices Which Give a Feel of a Modern Decor, they are pleasant to watch.
  • Quick Tips- You receive in compressed form & initial shedding is very common, carefully follow all the instructions. fake pampas grass is slightly compressed form, shake it gently, keep under the sun for a couple of hours.
  • Hand Picked 100% Natural- Our carefully selected premium pampas grass large fluffy all-natural grass. In case of any shortcomings in our product, you can contact us without hesitation.

If you are planning a unique style wedding, never miss the opportunity to buy this state of the art product. Full, natural decor plumes, handmade with high-quality give any room an elegant & luxurious feel. Our Artificial Pampas Grass keeps clean and safe forever. No trouble with shedding, mess, and allergens. You can use it over and over again at important events. Or put it anywhere in your home long time. With longer and plenty of silk, our experienced workers make the Pampas grass more three-dimensional and fluffy. A whole bunch of pampas grass fluffy looks vivid and gorgeous. Key Features ●Elegant & Luxurious Feel ●High Quality Hand Made ●Ultra-fluffy and plump ●Low maintenance ●Carefully packed ●Versatile and multipurpose artificial grass ●Ideal for pampas vases, bouquets, arrangements ●Elegant and modern decor Specifications: ●Set includes: 3 stems ●Color: White ●Dimensions: 43" (3.60 ft. | 110 cm) Why choose our Faux Grass Decor Pampas? ●Ideal Room Decoration- These large pampas grass decor tall pampas are perfect for decorating a room, are fluffy and will not fall off, and will be a unique decoration for your room. ●Easy-to-care Pampas- The leaves of these artificial pampas will not fall off, so you do not need to spend extra time handling them. ●Perfect Effect- These pampa grass are top quality handmade. You just need to put them in a pampas grass vase and you will see the perfect decorative effect.

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